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What is Cosmos® Professional Edition?

Cosmos – Professional Edition is comprised of 24 utility tools grouped under various categories such as: Security & Privacy, Backup & Recovery, Disk Optimizers, Registry Optimizers and Windows® Optimizers. All of these tools work together to optimize, clean and repair the PC.

Optimize: Cosmos helps optimize a PC system in several different ways. Cosmos removes duplicate files, and rearranges frequently used and large files. Cosmos also provides a Startup Manager which will allow you to remove unnecessary programs from your computer startup to help optimize PC startup.

Repair: With the PC fixer tool that automatically fixes many common PC problems Cosmos is equipped to solve a wide array of PC issues. Cosmos also has Data Backup and Data Restore tools and an undelete feature so that it may prevent the loss of valuable files and data.

Clean: Cosmos cleans the PC by removing junk and extraneous files to maximize free disk space. Duplicate and orphaned registry entries are also removed. Cosmos cleans junk left behind by internet browsers including: cache files, history, cookies, temporary internet files and download history.

Protect: There are several features built into Cosmos to help protect your PC and maximize security and privacy. Cosmos can permanently delete sensitive files, remove traces of personal information from internet browsers, instant messengers and provide password protection for files and folders. Cosmos also helps protect documents and files by providing easy data backup and can recover accidently deleted files from the hard disk, removable drives and USB sticks.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced PC user, Cosmos can help clean and maintain your system. Included with the purchase of Cosmos is one year of software support for the product provided by® Personal Technology Experts®. As of March 2012 the Personal Technology Experts have fixed over 2 million computers.

Features of Cosmos – Professional Edition

Security & Privacy

  • File Shredder
    Permanently deletes files and folders from your computer, preventing their recovery.

  • Privacy Cleaner
    Finds and wipes traces of your personal information in browsers, instant messengers etc.

  • File Encryptor
    Password protects personal files and prevents them from being viewed by others.

  • Baseline Security Scan
    Scans your computer to check if all security software are up to date and configured for maximum protection.

Backup & Recovery

  • Data Backup
    Backs up your important documents and files to safeguard against accidental data loss.

  • Data Restore
    Restores your documents and files from a previous backup if your original files were damaged or lost.

  • System Files Backup
    Backs up the current state of your computers important system files & registries.

  • System Files Restore
    Restores your computer to a working state if an update or malware causes it to malfunction.

  • Undelete
    Recovers accidentally deleted files and data from your hard disk, removable drives & USB sticks.

Disk Optimizers

  • Disk Cleaner
    Finds files that are no longer needed and cleans up your computer.

  • Disk Optimizer
    Defragments and rearranges large and frequently used files.

  • Disk Tools
    Checks drive for file system integrity errors and disk surface for physical problems and fixes them.

  • Disk Space Explorer
    Displays disk space usage by various types of files and folders and other statistics.

  • Duplicate Files Remover
    Scans your drive for duplicate photos, music files etc. and deletes extra copies to free up space.

Registry Optimizers

  • Registry Cleaner
    Rids your computer of duplicate and orphaned registry entries.

Windows Optimizers

  • Battery Optimizer
    Checks your battery status and optimizes the settings.

  • Internet Optimizer
    Optimizes the settings of your browser.

  • Memory Optimizer
    Optimizes your memory, manages system cache and reclaims leaked memory.

Other Utilities

  • PC Fixer
    Provides solutions for common problems or issues that you may face and fixes them automatically.

  • Startup Manager
    Removes unnecessary programs from your computer startup.

  • Scheduled Maintenance
    Regularly maintains your computer for optimal performance, security and privacy.

  • Uninstall Manager
    Manages installed programs and easily removes unused software.

  • Network Scanner Tool
    Detects devices connected to your network

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Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Cosmos® works on both 32 & 64 bit OS.

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